Meet Your Instructors
Join Stella Pro Champions of Light Kiati Plooksawasdi and Henry Batdeleg on a full day journey to discover how to sculpt your subject with light. 
Kiati Plooksawasdi is an Award-Winning Boudoir, Portrait, and Dance Photographer based in Ellicott City, MD, and the owner of Kiati Plooks Photography and Studio KP. Kiati has over 13 years of experience in the photography industry and enjoys teaching and mentoring when he is not behind the lens. With the knowledge of utilizing both natural and artificial light in his work, he leverages his ability to shape light to contour his subjects to create drama and depth within his images. 
Henry K. Batdeleg is a Mongolian American Internationally published photographer specializing in fine art and boudoir photography. He first gained experience in motion video before eventually making the switch to photography since his early days in the darkroom. His career in the industry as a beauty, make up, product photographer for Bobbi Brown and pursued his higher education in Fine Arts and Boudoir. Graduated ASU as MFA.
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