Sunday, June 23 | Boutique Photo Loft

Golden Era & Advanced Lighting Workshop
Join us for an exclusive photography workshop with Master Creator Henry Batdeleg, on June 23. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your photography skills and add a touch of classic Hollywood magic to your portfolio. Secure your spot today for just $299 and get ready to capture the elegance and drama of a bygone era in your portraits!

Workshop Agenda
Choosing your equipment (Lighting, Grip & Modifiers)
Lighting setup for one, two & three lighting.
Lighting Faces (a visual breakdown)
Properly Exposing Your Images in Different Lighting Scenarios
How to Effectively Bounce, Block, Cut & Diffuse Light
Quick & Effective Lighting

Time & location

June 23rd, 2024. 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
1013 Main St. Antoich, IL 60002

What to Expect:
Old Hollywood Glamour: Immerse yourself in the classic elegance of Old Hollywood. Our workshop will feature vintage inspired settings, glamorous costumes, and sophisticated styling to give your photos that iconic look.
Advanced Lighting Techniques: Master the art of lighting that defined an era. Learn how to use LEDs and strobe lighting to recreate the dramatic, high-contrast images reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age.
Hands-on Experience: Get practical, hands-on experience with our expert instructors. Work with professional models in carefully curated scenes designed to capture the essence of Old Hollywood glamour.
Exclusive Tips and Tricks: Discover industry secrets and advanced techniques that will help you create stunning, stand-out portraits every time.

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