Behind the shoot I team up with Delphine pontvieux . She is Jewelry Designer, Franco-American Actress , Author, Voice over & scuba instructor in Chicago. We decided to create the idea I had in mind. Delphine styled all 3 models that we worked. Within a week we built a dream team for the project. Here goes the creative team behind this shot: 
Lighting | “I had one StellaPro CLx10 pointed at the model from the right side with 80% of power to provide some ambient and lessening my shadows and one Stella CLx10 with a barn door as directional light.”
Reflex S from left side. Cheetah 48” parabolic
Reflex S from the back with Blue small blue gel
Godox AD600 from the right back with quarter size of orange gel inside the umbrella
Camera | Sony A7rIV + 50mm 1.2 G Master lens | f7 | 1/125 | ISO60
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